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Oil Painting Kit for Teens


This Kit Contains:

  • A3 Canvas Paper Pad 290 gsm (Valued at $25)
  • A5 Hard Cover Journal (Valued at $10)
  • Art Spectrum Titanium White S1 (Valued at $17)
  • Art Spectrum Ivory Black S1 (Valued at $17)
  • Art Spectrum Burnt Umber S1 (Valued at $17)
  • Art Spectrum Yellow Ochre S1 (Valued at $17)
  • Art Spectrum Ultramarine Blue S1 (Valued at $17)
  • Art Spectrum Spectrum Yellow S1 (Valued at $17)
  • Art Spectrum Spectrum Red S1 (Valued at $17)
  • Art Spectrum Linseed Oil 100 ml (Valued at $12)
  • Archival Odorless Solvent 100 ml (Valued at $12)
  • Faber Castelle Pencil Set (Valued at $15)
  • Golden Nylon Brush Set (Valued at $20)
  • Disposable Palettes (Valued at $10)
  • 12 x 16 inch Canvas (Valued at $10)

This kit is available as a Click & Collect order or can be mailed to you for an extra $20 postage & handling.

Please note table easel is not included.

Online kits are discounted by 25% off the regular retail price.  Enrolled students are welcome to order individual items at a 15% discount.  


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This comprehensive kit contains the basic colours for mixing a wide palette using artist quality paints.

Oil paints are the classical medium to build traditional and classical painting skills.  This kit contains safe pigmented artist quality paints (made in Australia) that offer a wide range of mixes to create a varied palette of colours.  Also included are mediums that are low in odour and toxicity.  This kit has been developed specifically for our Classical Teenager Painting Course (Oils) but is also great for adults who are beginning their journey with oil paints.

Please note that oil paints require a good ventilated space and an understanding of the cleaning protocols involved in maintaining brushes and other equipment.  Remember when using oils to protect surfaces and clothing as these materials are not water based and may stain.

Easel not included in price but highly recommended when using oils.