Classical Art Studies for Teens | Term 4



Monday – Classical Drawing For Teens
5:00pm – 7:00pm          |        4th October – 29th November 2021

Wednesday – Classical Painting For Teens
5:00pm – 7:00pm          |        6th October – 1st December 2021


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Georgia Pricone is a powerful emerging observational painter with a strong interest in still life and botanical imagery.

In these courses she introduces high school students to a range of traditional approaches to drawing and/or painting which are designed to empower participants with foundational skills that promote disciplined and articulate images from observational sources.

Students will work from both classical images of renowned artists, photographs and live settings (in studio).

In each of these courses, one which focuses on painting and one which focuses on drawing, students will develop a series of studies that explore the fundamentals of form, composition, tone and colour (painting) to result in one or two final works per term.

Materials Requirements:

A selection of art kits are available for purchase online. You may find that your child already has many of these items available at home. We are keeping materials simple and accessible and our online classes will focus mainly on drawing and watercolor painting projects in term four. Should the studio open for classes, we will provide the materials in house.

Discounted materials are available through our online shop – Please click here for kit options.

Parents are also welcome to purchase single items – please call our office on 9528 3392 or email for specific orders.