"Stuart has learnt so much about art and applies his knowledge both at school and at home. He enjoys being allowed and encouraged to express his ideas in regards to the projects he takes on. He never feels the need to compare what he does with what fellow students do as he appreciates that true art can be expressed in many ways. I love that he is in contact with very compassionate, interesting and diverse people each time he goes to art class. The teachers are just terrific."

Linda, Parent of an Art Encounters Student

"Our daughter has grown artistically and emotionally, she has developed her creative side enjoying every single lesson. We like the environment and the atmosphere, both of which are inspirational, supportive and stimulating. The lessons at Art Encounters help our daughter shape her artistic inclination while at the same time "models" her personality, like sculptors do with their sculptures. We are extremely pleased."

Daniela, Parent of an Art Encounters Student

"Your art classes are beautiful for my daughter(s) in so many ways. It allows her the space to freely explore art; yet, it also guides her to use her knowledge within to express her thoughts. So many aspects are taught to her in the process of learning art in your studio. The studies of art in your expertise hands, is remarkable. I am looking forward to my other daughter starting next term."

Nicole, Parent of two Art Encounters Students

"I want to thank you and your wonderful teachers for my son’s art classes these past years. The balance you strike between facilitating his creativity and also teaching him technical skills is just right. I feel he has not only learned to paint and draw but has grown in confidence through the opportunity to express himself. Thank you again."

Lynette, Parent of Art Encounters Student

"My son really enjoys coming every Saturday and especially loves working with the different types of mediums that he otherwise would not experiment with. He prefers to draw but since he has been using all of the different types of materials within the course, he has produced some amazing art work."

Parent of Melbourne Studio of Art Student

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