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David Hockney at the NGV - Master Artist

Make sure you don’t miss out on one of Melbourne’s greatest exhibitions this summer – David Hockney who is showing at the National Gallery of Victoria until March 13, 2017.

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Enrol your child into one of Melbourne’s most renowned and loved holiday programs where children not only have a great time, but learn a great deal about drawing, painting, sculpture and mixed media.  Children come back year after year to attend these popular programs.  

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  The Art Encounters Teenager holiday program is run in four day blocks in December and January.  With strictly limited spaces (6 per class) and dates, this unique program will give your child an unforgettable opportunity to develop their art skills.

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How much do you know about modern art? - Quiz

This quiz tests your knowledge of artists, works and materials from the last few decades. Get quizzing!  

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Master Artist Profile: Jean-Michel Basquiat - Master Artist

Jean-Michel Basquiat lived a short life, but his work helped shape our idea of what art can be.

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How to make Papier Mâché - How To

Creating Papier Mâché sculptures is one of the most popular art projects for children and adults around the world.

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Visit galleries around the world – without leaving your bedroom - Resources

Being an art lover has never been easier. Although there is nothing like experiencing your favourite work of art in real life, virtual tours and other interactive tools have made it possible for you to experience the world’s greatest art without having to leave your house.  

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Test your art history knowledge - Quiz

Want to test your knowledge of art? Or maybe you want to compete against a friend or family member? We have quizzes to challenge everyone from beginners to the self-proclaimed art experts.    

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