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Term Two - News

Term 2 2017 is fast approaching and places are expected to fill quickly! View and book courses here.

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Autumn School Holiday Program - News

The Art Encounters holiday program is an extravaganza of creative entertainment and education. Each day is themed to teach students about art processes and history in a fun and accessible manner. View and book classes here.

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Visit galleries around the world, without leaving your bedroom - Resources

Being an art lover has never been easier. Although there is nothing like experiencing your favourite work of art in real life, virtual tours and other interactive tools have made it possible for you to experience the world’s greatest art without having to leave the house.

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Interview with local artist Georgina Glanville - Local Artist Interview

Georgina Glanville, 28, is an artist living and working in Melbourne. In her work, Georgina is actively exploring a range of different mediums such as fabrics, papers, paints, dye, earth, ecological matter, video, and found imagery.

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How to make Papier Mâché - How To

Creating Papier Mâché sculptures is one of the most popular art projects for children and adults around the world.

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