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Professional art classes for kids, teens and adults.

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Art Classes


Ages 5 -12

Let your child explore their creativity in a safe environment through drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, printmaking and multimedia.

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Ages 10 -18

Mixing theory with practice, we encourage students to develop their artistic skills while developing their own creative voice as a tool for self-expression.

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Ages 18 and Over

Adult art classes are taught through Melbourne Studio of Art, and are available as day, night and weekend sessions for students of all skill levels.

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Explore & Learn

Your favourite paintings animated

There are some works of art that are easily recognisable and highly acclaimed around the world. I bet you’ve never seen them like this.

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Make your own family tree

Too cold to go outdoors? Why not stay in and make your own family tree with this fun and family oriented art activity?            

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Meet our student of the month: Sophia

Each month we let one of our students showcase their work and tell us where they find inspiration for their art.  

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21st Century Factory Party – May 30, 2015

Come celebrate 60 years of pop art, avant-garde rock and counter culture inspired by the mid 60s and Andy Warhol’s notorious factory parties.

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